The World Champion of All Time

I found the all-time, world-beater, champion of inclusions in an antique family bible. I’ve found all sorts of things in bibles, and I thought I had seen it all. How wrong I was. I challenge my fellow book restorers: have you ever found anything stranger than THIS in any book?


A SQUIRREL TAIL. A very flat squirrel tail. And a small one – I guess squirrels were smaller in the 1800s.

Can you top this? Throw down!

3 thoughts on “The World Champion of All Time

  1. You’ll have to take my word on this one, since I found it before the era of digiital cameras, but once at UC Davis Preservation Dept., we found a gnawed on chicken drumstick in one of the books.

  2. What a world, what a world … I also heard from someone who found a tanned shrew’s skin, fur and all. I debated in my mind which was worse – a treated, tanned skin or a cut-off tail, and was leaning toward the tail as it is more crude. But a chicken leg! That’s gross.

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