Some Books about Bookbinding: Printing Equipment

From Xylographs to Lead Molds AD 1440 – AD 1921, printed in … wait for it … 1921 in a limited edition by the Rapid Electrotype Co. A business card, perhaps the original owner, in front. Lovely red and black chapter headings. Some pencil writing on spine reads “Type Founding” and I believe the cover is blue paper.

I’ll allow the photos to speak for themselves …

Dr. Church’s “Hoax”, An Assessment Of Dr. William Church’s Typographical Inventions in which is enunciated Church’s Law, by Richard Huss, 1976. Blue cloth with dust jacket with striped endbands. Somehow I don’t want to spoil the mystery by revealing too much about this book about the invention of the first typesetting machine and the aforementioned Law. Let’s just say good paper bright and clean pages. It’s not so much a book about the history of the machine as about the life of Dr. Church and all the things invented by this ingenious guy born in Vermont in 1779. This is a love song to someone who might otherwise have fallen through the cracks of history’s floorboards and become lost in the dust of time.

The Iron Hand press in America by Ralph Green, 1948. This is a modern single section binding done in paper over board. On the back fly leaf is inscribed:

This is a 3M copy

Of a Xerox copy

From the U.of.K Library

Given to Emmett Horine 1969

– BL

Who is BL? He or she did a nice job hand binding this small reproduction of an old book.


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